Jaguar X100, X308 Timing Chain Kit - AJV8 (pre 2000MY) (TCK3)

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Product Ref TCK3
Status New OEM
Make Jaguar
Model X100, X308
Derivitive V8 engines

Myton Automotive are pleased to introduce TCK3, a V8 Timing Chain kit For Jaguar V8 Engines that were originally fitted with Plastic Body Tensioners (pre-2000 Model Year).

This kit has been assembled by the OE Manufacturer of the later type tensioners and is applicable to all V8 engine vehicles from 1997 model year through to the introduction of 2000 model year (Engine Derivatives AJ26,27,28 & AJ30)
Along with the improved Metal Tensioners the manufacturer has also reversed engineered the original specification chains and tensioners hence improving the original design.
The Chains now feature Forged Rollers to increase strength and the tensioners are Metal Backed.
Kit contents are below:
C2A1511 x 1 Metal Type OE Tensioner Upper
C2A1512 x 1 Metal Type OE Tensioner Upper
AJ82990 x 2 Secondary Chain to OE Specification (replacement for EAZ1286)
47AJ2C1 x 2 Primary Chain – Improved from original specification with forged rollers (replacement for EAZ1269)
2W936K x 2 Primary Chain Guide – Improved from original specification with metal based backing (replacement for NCA1998AB)
47AJ2L1 x 2 Tensioner Lever Guide – Improved from original specification with metal based backing (replacement for NCA2025AB)
Please note to complete the conversion from Plastic to Metal type tensioners you will also need to order 4 x JFB10607B Bolt.
You may also want to order, NCA2127AC outer timing cover seal and AJ83699 inner timing cover seal.


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