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 The Jaguar E-Type, also referred to as the Jaguar XK-E, is a British sports car that went into production between 1961 and 1975. It was initially presented in two-seater coupé form, the Fixed Head Coupé (FHC) and as a two-seater convertible Open Two Seater (OTS). A four-seater version of the coupé (2+2), with an extended wheelbase, was introduced in 1966 further boosting sales of the E-Type.

The E-Type's beautiful aerodynamic body was inspired by the 1950s Jaguar D-Type and XK-SS. Following its release, no less a figure than Enzo Ferrari called it "The most beautiful car ever made". In March 2008 it was ranked first in The Daily Telegraph's online list of "The world's 100 most beautiful cars of all time". A combination of good looks, high performance and competitive pricing firmly established the E-Type as an icon of 1960s motoring with more than 70,000 units sold.

The powertrain featured a 3.8 litre six-cylinder XK engine with triple SU HD8 carburettors mated to a four-speed manual transmission without overdrive. This was a similar powertrain carried over from the XK150S. In October 1964 the 3.8 litre engine was increased to 4.2 litres. As from 1966 a three-speed automatic transmission also became available on the 2+2 model.

In 1967 the E-Type received its first facelift when Jaguar announced the Series 1½, a revised E-Type model designed to meet new US regulations. A total of 21 new changes were made. The new features for the US models included open headlights, different switches, and the original three SU HD8 carburettors were replaced with two Zenith-Stromberg carburettors. In 1968 the Series 2 was launched with a number of mechanical and design changes and remained in production until 1971 when the Series 3 was introduced.