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Unlike most parts suppliers we don’t force you to use the couriers that we happen to have an account with (we don’t mind if you want to use your own either!).

Courier companies are constantly playing a game with each other trying to scrape a bit more business away from their competitors. Unfortunately, once they have met their target for new customers they tend to then put their prices back up! Because of this, for international packages we use a broker service which calculates for us the best value service available at the time of shipping.
At the time of writing, for most orders outside the EU we tend to use a combination of UPS and TNT depending on the country of destination. We find that they (currently) tend to offer the most cost effective and reliable service in most cases.
However if you would prefer us to get you a quote with a courier such as Fed Ex or DHL please contact us and we will get you a quote.
UPS and TNT offer good information about your package’s status and you will receive status updates from them via email letting you know how your packages transit is getting on.
However you can also track your package’s status on the UPS and TNT websites.
UPS : www.ups.com
TNT : www.tnt.com
If you have any other questions about courier services and delivery – please contact a member of the team either by email or our live chat window.
Can you send my parts by Standard Post?
Please be aware that we cannot offer shipping by standard post.
Though this is type of service can be very cost effective on small parcels, we have found that the reliability of worldwide mail services still leaves a lot to be desired!
Even though standard mail can normally provide a tracking number, the information actually provided in the tracking system is normally close to useless, in most cases stating that the package has been shipped out of the UK and not providing any more information such as the parcels progress or even a delivery date.  
The speed and reliability of the delivery of our customer’s orders (though not handled by us directly) reflects upon us as a company. By offering these types of services on trial periods in the past we haven’t been able to give customers the service level that they expect (and what we as a company strive to deliver).
We therefore do not offer this type of service as standard.
We specilise in delivering Jaguar and Land Rover parts to these destinations:
GhanaHong Kong, SingaporeMalaysiaPhilippinesUAEIndiaChina
Land Rover 
GhanaHong Kong, SingaporeMalaysiaPhilippinesUAEIndiaChina