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Unlike Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) appointed dealers – We can supply OEM, Aftermarket and Reconditioned parts in addition to Genuine parts.
What is OEM? 
An automobile part may carry the designation OEM if it is made by the same manufacturer that made the original part.
Any part listed on our website with the suffix –O means the item is sourced directly from the factories that manufacture the items for JLR – thus cutting out the middle man and saving you money (in some cases over hundreds of pounds!).
Many OEM parts are service or normal wear and tear items (I.E. brake pads and discs etc.). For instance, as certain suspension parts are not unique to JLR vehicles, our business model is based on cross-referencing a JLR part number to (for instance) a Bilstein number, and then purchasing the part directly from Bilstein. 
Rest assured, the OEM items we supply are the self-same parts JLR fit to their vehicles only our OEM units are supplied in the original manufacturer’s box rather than a JLR box.
What is an Aftermarket replacement?
The term Aftermarket is used to refer to non-OEM parts.
Most Aftermarket parts are also service or normal wear and tear items (I.E. brake pads and discs etc.) and, as the market is so large, many quality manufacturers (and unfortunately others) make the equivalent items available to the market (often at greatly reduced prices).
Every day we get emailed by factories in the Far East, claiming that they can create parts for us a fraction of the price we pay for our USA & European designed parts!
Myton Automotive only supply Aftermarket parts from recognised and trusted manufacturers; we will never sell sub-standard, badly designed products that you will find on auction websites.
What is a Genuine part?
A genuine part is an item that is exclusive to JLR meaning no OEM or aftermarket alternative would be available. 
We have access to over 200,000 genuine JLR parts which can be supplied next working day backed by a full warranty and service support you would expect from JLR.
However, after a certain time (usually five years), some genuine parts can be offered by the OEM or an Aftermarket company for sale to the market. For instance the chrome bumper inserts on the Jaguar X-Type and S-type were exclusive but are now available at around half the price of the original part.
So, while some OEM and some aftermarket parts are immediately available, after a period, some (genuine/exclusive) items may become OEM/Aftermarket and are thus often cheaper than the originals.
All our new (Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket) parts are backed with a full 1 year warranty.