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Land Rover Parts delivered to China

Are you in China and need Land Rover parts quickly (and cheaper)? - Look no further!

We are an international JLR parts dealership, like your normal main dealer – but on steroids!

I know it's hard to believe, but our customers all over the World are getting their Jaguar and Land Rover parts quicker and cheaper by buying from us online. (We have international JLR dealerships actually recommending that their customers buy their parts from us in the UK rather than wait weeks for the parts to arrive through the international JLR dealership network to their country).

We’ve loads of examples of how we can save you time effort and money, I’ve set out a few below!


  • Save time: A for instance; the average wait time in the UAE for a non-stocked item is six weeks! We can usually ship next day!
  • Save effort: We can supply ANY JLR part and we’re OPEN 24x7 (our website are safe, secure and simple to use) and you can contact us by our LIVECHAT system (or email us) for advice, prices and availability.
  • Save money: Another for instance; a Jaguar driver can buy an X-Type throttle body in the USA for £600.00 whereas if the same part was bought online from us the cost plus the shipping is less than £200.00 thus saving over £400.00!
  • Save even more: We have loads of aftermarket parts listed online; an example is a Land Rover air-spring; the UK RRP is £401.40; we supply the exact same part for just £208.00... Saving almost half price (and we’ve got thousands of quality aftermarket products listed on our websites saving even more for you).


We have all the official part catalogues and the expertise that you would expect from a specialist parts dealer based in the Jaguar Land Rover heartland here in the UK.

We ship JLR parts Worldwide every day, we use only reputable courier services and you can track your package online anytime.

Car parts can difficult to get right without an official parts catalogue – so please contact us either by email at support@mytonautomotive.com or via our LIVECHAT system if you have any questions – we are here to help!

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