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Myton Automotive has always believed in trying to make things as easy as possible for our customers. Whether that’s by creating easy to use parts catalogues or making the purchase of parts as seamless as possible.

If you are a repeat customer, you may have noticed some changes to our payment gateway this year. As part of these improvements we have also made and effort to improve the experience for our international customers by allowing for BitCoin payments.

Credit card transactions can sometimes be far from seamless when purchasing something from another country. Likewise, bank transfers can be costly through bank fees and also very slow to confirm – which can be a real pain, when you need your parts fast!

BitCoin avoids these issues, by being fast, secure and practically free to use. It’s a new type of currency built for worldwide use and the digital age.

Major banks are obviously worried about it, and should be – they’ve been making good very money off the backs of customers and merchants for years! It’s estimated that BitCoin has the potential (if widely adopted) to remove 200bn US Dollars in bank revenue from the worldwide financial system a year!

We are embracing this new way of working and think our customers should too, because of the benefits it brings.



Frequently Asked Questions:

There is a really good FAQ on the offical BitCoin website. Therefore here, we will only attemp to answer questions in this FAQ in realtion to placing orders with us using BitCoins.


So, If I want to pay with BitCoin – what is the process?

Accepting BitCoin is new for us, and therefore we do not have an automated system. 

Therefore, please contact a member of staff using email or our livechat system detailing the parts that you wish to purchase. We will then generate you a pro-forma invoice, and a BitCoin payment address. You can then use this payment address within your BitCoin wallet to transfer the funds to us.


What is a BitCoin Wallet and how can i get one?

A BitCoin wallet is basically the equivalent of a bank account. It allows you to receive BitCoins, store them and then send them to others. In the early days of BitCoin you would need to install some software onto your computer, which would act as your wallet, however these days there a lots of companies that provide web based wallets (which are much easier to use).

You can find more information on which BitCoin wallet would be right for you here.


I want to know more about BitCoin – do you know and good resources?

Here is a link to the BitCoin wiki.